10 Day Summer Vacation.

So far I haven't taken any extraordinary pictures with my G10 but I love it nevertheless. There are so many things I see every day that inspire me or I just want to keep a piece of that I wouldn't have been able to get with an SLR. It's so unobtrusive, I love it.

Here are some photos from my 10 summer vacation... 

One of Syracuse's largest Salvation Army organizes everything by color. I wish I could take one huge panorama of the side shelves because it's such a beautiful rainbow of odds and ends. I love the transition objects, like a zebra in between the black and white objects.
Salvation Army
Salvation Army

I visited Tara and Shaun's restaurant. I'm forcing them into letting me help them with the website and do all new photography for it.
Laci's Burger Joint

My cousin hates having her picture taken but I managed to catch this. She has such a dry sense of humor for a little girl. She just picked up the severed arm and put it over her arm and then without any acknowledgment she continued to shop.

I love early morning fog.


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real photographers dont use point and shoot cameras.