Spring is finally here and I couldn't be more thrilled.

On Friday I walked to work and on my way I saw people making a giant tree out of Starbucks coffee. It's apparently supposed to make New Yorkers more aware about how much they waste when they use paper cups... by wasting nearly 20,000 paper cups...? I didn't notice while I took this picture how ridiculous the man on all four looks.
Coffee tree

I'm excited to take naps in the sun again! I think I'll stick to my backyard though, maybe the park. I passed about six people napping in public. Park benches, the stairs in Union Square, outside a bank... even the animals were napping.

On Saturday Jack and I went to the Central Park Zoo and we saw a total of three kinds of animals. Everything else was sleeping. Even if they were awake we couldn't see anything through the crowds.

I love subway musicians. I love when I'm in really touristy areas because I feel no shame in taking the stupidest photos.
Subway band