Every time I visit someplace I hide business cards everywhere I can think of. I put a bunch in both LAX and JFK airports and it's interesting to see how far they go. Peter Murphy lives down in Orlando so I'm sure some of those hits are his doing. He's getting pretty big down there. I'm planning on riding his coat tails to success. This is an overview of my visitors from the last few days. I like how the northeast is all swoopy. I've only had like 5 international visitors this week so that map is less interesting.


I should buy a world map and put pins in it for each state/country visits my site. I could add it to the the shrine I keep of myself in the basement. If there's one thing I like more than myself it's nothing. Nothing.

PS: This reminds me of RISK.

PPS: This would be a horrible set up in RISK. I should know. I play an ungodly amount of RISK.


Lorrell said...

I might be responsible for some of those California hits -- that's where I'm from, ya know.

miss3ridget said...

I'm the Washington one! *Maybe sometime you'll get you to leave your business cards at the Seattle/Tacoma airport!!!