Cabin fever.

Working at home has it's downsides. Like for one example, never seeing anyone, ever. Instead of taking a break by the water cooler and talking with people, I take breaks in my kitchen, eating grated cheese out of a bag and talking with looking at cats*. Sometimes I walk to the dollar store for some intellectual conversation but they only sell so many novelty beer mugs and there are only so many different cashiers you can make clever quips with. They usually end up laughing at you mockingly as you storm out of the store muttering obscenities... There is no clever or uplifting end to this anecdote. I'm just hoping this will inspire someone to invite me out to lunch or something. Eh? EH?!


*Incidentally my cats are wildly exciting and if they were dogs or if had a boyfriend no one would say boo, but that's beyond the point I mean look at that tension!? How are you not enthralled?!

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